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Take a look at our commonly asked questions page which cover topics such as how do I test my cell unit, where is the MEID or SIM number, what plan can I use for this panel…


Hardware and Functionality Help

  • How do I create a system?

    Log into dealer.securecomwireless.com where you will see your customer list. There is a menu bar on the right hand side that includes "Search", "Customers", "Personnel", "Settings", and "Help". If you click on "Help" it takes you to online help including "Adding A System."

  • Is there a way to tell the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G cell units?

    The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the part number on the unit. If it reads 263G, it's a 2G device and if the part number reads 263H, then it’s a 4G device. If a dealer would like a list of their 2G devices, contact Customer Service to get a complete list of all active devices.

  • How do I test to see if my cell unit is communicating properly?

    This can be done through the diagnostics menu at the keypad. If the panel has not had a J16 reset done in the last 30 minutes the installer will want to place the included jumper over both pins to properly reset the panel. Once this is done, proceed to the keypad and enter D-I-A-G (2-3-1-3) at the keypad. Hit command on the keypad until the screen shows COMM STATUS (on XR panels) or CELL STATUS (on XT panels). Hit any top row key and that will begin a communication status test for the cellular unit installed. If performing this test on an XR series panel, the installer will need to know the path number where the cellular is programmed.

  • Where do I find the MEID or SIM number?

    The MEID or Sim number is printed on the packaging of the box that comes from DMP. You can also find the MEID printed on the 263C or 463C printed circuit board and the SIM card has the number printed on it.

General and Billing Help

  • What is the MSISDN and what is it used for?

    MSISDN refers to the phone number of the cellular modem. This is used for making remote connections to the control panel with Remote Link or any of our Virtual Keypad products.

  • What plan can I use for this panel?

    SecureCom recommends using the flat rate plans when installing the XT, XTL or CellComSL. The flat rate plan includes no overages and a daily test. If you need to send opening and closing reports on an XT or XTL, we recommend using one of the 400 series rate plans. When using an XR series panel, the rate plan needed will be one of the 400 series data plans and will depend on communication programming in the control panel.

VirtualLink Help

  • Is there a website where I can look at all of my accounts?

    Yes, we recently released an update to our VK website and all dealers now have the ability to look at all of their accounts online.

  • Can I use the Virtual Keypad app with my cell unit?

    Yes, the virtual keypad app can be used with any of our cellular modems.

  • How do I create a system?

    In the vk.securecomwireless.com console, there is a Help tab that can walk you through this.

Verizon Help

  • Why am I only allowed one activation and deactivations on an MEID in a 24 hour period?

    This is a Verizon only limitation; only two status changes are permitted in a 24-hour period. Other carriers will allow unlimited changes.

  • Why do I have to perform cell activations on Verizon owned towers?

    When you do a keypad activation your modem is connecting to the Verizon Network and downloading all the information it needs to connect/authenticate to Verizon and roaming partners. This information is stored exclusively on Verizon servers. So you must be connected to a Verizon tower to get the information from their servers.