Cellular is here to stay.

Digital cellular communications are used as a backup to other technologies or as the primary communications path.

Primary alarm communication

A digital cellular data connection can be used as the sole communications method because the communicator can be programmed to check in with the central station at frequent intervals so that the central station knows almost immediately if communications are interrupted.

Direct Alarm Communication | Faster, more reliable transmission

The method of data transmission to the central station receiver distinguishes SecureCom Wireless from others on the market; other alarm cellular communicators do not communicate directly with the receiver. Others send alarm data to a clearinghouse where it is then interpreted and retransmitted to a central station receiver over the Internet. SecureCom Wireless ensures the communicator establishes a direct connection with the monitoring station’s receiver, which makes communication faster and more reliable.

  1. Panel
  2. Cellular network
  3. Internet
  4. DMP receiver
    central station

DMP and SecureCom

DMP cellular alarm communicators are designed to work with the cellular service from SecureCom Wireless, enabling dealers to get systems up and running quickly by enabling account activation through cloud based software from SecureCom called Virtual Link. This software allows dealers to administer customer panels and login rights. This portal offers rich system analytics to troubleshoot alarm communication remotely without having to go on site.

DMP Adaptive Technology, along with the availability of up to eight communication paths, provides a multi-level communication backup that ensures a constant connection between the panel and the Central Station. If the network path is lost, the panel automatically switches to cellular and fulfills its check-in requirements. As soon as the network returns, it switches back.  This auto-healing solution saves considerable expense for UL listed applications.

Cellular Communication offers residential and business owners not only enhanced and reliable security but allows them to engage with their security systems in a whole new way.

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