Dedicated Cellular Service.

SecureCom Wireless offers professional alarm companies, central stations, banks, retailers and other customers, cellular technology and interactive services that grow your business.

Update and upgrade your alarm panels with Cellular Communication

Choose from CMDA or HSPA+ networks

Adding Cellular adds lifestyle convenience features

SecureCom Wireless provides DMP dealers with a single-source for affordable digital wireless communication. SecureCom Wireless transmits data from the control panel directly to the Central Station receiver via partner cell carriers. Due to the direct relationship SecureCom Wireless has with its carriers, they are able to work on your behalf to provide you with faster project implementation, enhanced  technical support, and device activation, as well as a broad coverage of CDMA and HSPA networks. Currently SecureCom Wireless provides AT&T, T-mobile and Verizon services. You will appreciate the support SecureCom Wireless offers in comparison to trying to go directly to all the carriers. View this SecureCom Wireless Benefits document to learn more about what we offer.

What We Offer

SecureCom Wireless offers several alarm communications plans which consist of data rates for communication from the panel to the monitoring station and from the panel to the cellular phone.

Plans are based on estimated usage of data between the panel and the central station. Different plans are available based on various applications including simple alarm communication for full support for the Virtual Keypad, Z-Wave devices, cameras, push notifications, traffic count and more. We also offer traditional SMS services for customers without smart phones. Give us a call if you would like help in choosing which plan is right for your customer at 877-300-8030.