Keep an eye on your world

With cameras installed your customers can have immediate access to their residence or business.

Your customers can keep an eye on things at home or at the office no matter where they are via their tablet, computer or smart phone. Residential customers can check on children, pets, elderly parents or even a package delivery at their front door. Commercial customers can check in on their business to monitor daily operations.

  • View live images, record video or access video clips with the ability to download
  • Check on rooms or offices at the premises
  • Check outside entrances at residences and commercial establishments for deliveries or suspicious activity

With Video Verification an alarm alert is pushed to the end users’ mobile device prompting them to view live or recorded video to verify or cancel the alarm. Central Stations can be given the same access to cameras during an alarm. This first hand visual information enables faster assessment and more appropriate response, drastically reducing false dispatches.

Alarm Dealers can now provide a necessary solution for preventing false-alarms and reducing fines and penalties that a number of municipalities are levying by offering Central Station Video Verification.

For both residential and commercial users, there are several added benefits beyond the obvious security enhancements. Employers add powerful protection for their employees as well as their premises and assets. This can be viewed by employees as a real personal-security benefit in today’s world of active violence.