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Virtual Keypad App™

Interactive technology offers your customers 24/7 reliability to stay connected and informed whether they're on a tablet or smartphone. Manage security, automation, and cameras from anywhere.

Virtual Keypad™ App Features

With the Virtual Keypad app, your residential and commercial customers can remotely arm and disarm their security systems, plus control lights, locks, thermostats, and cameras with the touch of a button.



There's no need to wonder if you armed your system before leaving home or work. The app's interactive shield on the home screen gives system status at a glance and provides all the arming and disarming commands. Residential users can arm in Home/Sleep/Away modes. Commercial accounts have All/Perimeter or Area arming.


Push Notifications

When there's an event on the security system, users can opt to receive an alert on their smartphones. For parents, this can offer peace of mind when seeing the system disarmed at the usual time their kids get home from school. For business owners, alerts confirm if the system was armed or disarmed at the expected times. And of course the user gets an immediate alert of any alarms. Users can also review their history of events.


Manage System Users

The Virtual Keypad app provides convenient access to many system management activities, including the ability to manage users. The system owner can quickly add or delete users from the system or change their login credentials. This is especially valuable for commercial applications where employees come and go, and their facility access privileges need to be quickly updated.


Manage System Profiles

Commercial users can use the app to manage the profiles of employees and others who need to access the facility or operate the security system. Profiles provide user code authority and access rights. Instead of entering all the system data each time an employee is hired or leaves the company, the system administrator simply selects the corresponding profile to map to the user.


Manage User Schedules

Another popular feature for commercial users is the ability to manage user schedules via the app. Using the intuitive Virtual Keypad app interface, the administrator can easily establish schedules that provide specified employees with access to specific areas at designated times. Contractors, such as cleaning or service crews, can also be managed, limiting the times they can enter and where they can go in the facility.


Smart Control Via Z-Wave Devices

Residential and commercial users are eagerly adopting smart Z-Wave technology to affordably add automation features to their security systems. All of the devices can be controlled via the app, enabling users to control lights, adjust their HVAC system, lock/unlock doors, and more. They can even create a customized visual room control screen on their mobile devices by taking a photo and adding hotspots for control of each Z-Wave device.


Scheduling & Automating Smart Control

Individual Z-Wave devices are easily accessed by the app, but users can also take their residential or commercial automation to the next level by grouping devices and actions into Favorites that can be initiated with a single tap on the app. Z-Wave devices also can be linked to other panel actions so that, for example, when the system is armed the panel locks the doors, adjusts the thermostat, and turns on security lighting. Setting up Favorites also allow users to schedule their automation devices for pre-set times.



The Virtual Keypad app gives users the ability to create and control geofencing from their cell phones. Geofencing for Apple and Android users relies on the phone's GPS features to trigger panel actions via the app. For example, when the user leaves home in the morning and crosses the designated “fence,” the system can trigger a Favorite to activate, automatically arming, locking doors, and taking other actions. Users can also opt to receive a Smart Arming Reminder. A business owner, for instance, may use this to confirm that all employees have left the premises for the day. These features offer both residential and commercial accounts enhanced security, reduced energy costs, and additional convenience. 

Video Verification

When the user receives an unexpected system alert, whether it’s an arm, disarm, or an alarm, they can instantly view the system cameras to determine the cause of the alert. They also have the option to record video, access video clips and download video. Video Verification is a powerful tool to reduce false alarms, and identify and prosecute perpetrators. It also can be very helpful in keeping an eye on the office, as well as children or elderly parents at home.