Smart Control for Doors, Lights & Thermostats

Security Systems already protect residential and commercial properties and their respective assets. But they can do much more...with smart home and business solutions.

Automation technology integrated with the alarm system allows you to provide your customers with a range of controls for lights, locks & doors, thermostats, and appliances, as well as the service to monitor these with cellular or network connections via the Virtual Keypad App or Both residential and commercial customers will appreciate the remote control application, money savings and convenience of these features.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Adjust lights and thermostats remotely
  • Turn lights on or off, open or close doors
  • Schedule automation devices to weekday, weekend, holiday or independent schedules
  • Create one-button control called "favorite"
  • Compatible with Geofencing
  • All controllable via Smart phone
  • Text messaging control also available


Z-Wave® programmable thermostats enable users to have full HVAC remote control to adjust the temperature settings, turning the fan on or off, or the system on or off. There are so many ways end users can adjust the settings whether immediately with the touch of a button, on a schedule, in conjunction with arming/disarming or via Geofencing. Users can also check the status of their thermostat via the Virtual Keypad app or


Z-Wave lighting control modules, switches and LED bulbs allow users to create customizable lighting scenes that work with their lifestyle, business and energy management solutions. Users can control their interior or exterior lights by turning them on or off, or adjusting the dimmer scale all from their smart phone or computer. Schedules can be created to integrate with weekday or weekend schedules. Users can also check the status of lights via the Virtual Keypad app or

Doors & Overhead Doors

Z-Wave wireless locks allow users to enter/exit doors and the door controller allows control of garage or loading dock doors. The elegant locks that come in 3 finishes can also be controlled on-site using a key or the 6-button pin pad on the keypad. Users can control doors by opening or closing them via their smart phone or computer. And like the climate and lighting features, doors can also be managed on a schedule and the status of the doors can be checked on the Virtual Keypad app or


The "Rooms" function enables users to take a photo of a room or area, then create "hotspots" on the photo that correspond to the Z-Wave devices available. To use the Rooms feature, simply select that room, then touch any hotspot to see the controls for that device. A combination of up to 20 Favorites and Rooms can be saved.